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Coke reactivity

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The factors affecting the reactivity of coke mainly include the following two aspects


1. The properties of raw coal: Generally, the coal with a medium degree of coalification, the refined coke has lower reactivity. Especially when the fluidity of coal is large, it is easy to generate more optical anisotropic structure in the coke, the coke reactivity can reduce the coke reactivity. The ash in coal often contains oxides of alkali metals alkaline earth metals, which have a catalytic effect on the reaction of coke carbon dioxide. Therefore, high coal ash high content of alkali metals alkaline earth metals in the ash will make coke reactive. Increase.

Coke reactivity

2. Coking process conditions: increasing the specific gravity of the coal-charged pile, increasing the coking temperature, adopting measures such as braising furnace can make the coke structure compact, reduce the pore surface area, reduce the coke reactivity. The use of dry quenching can avoid the activation of the surface of the coke by water vapor, which is beneficial to reduce the reactivity of the coke.



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