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Coke reactivity

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How many methods are there to measure the thermal strength of coke?


There are many ways to measure the thermal strength of coke. Method one is to measure the strength of the hot drum. To measure the hot drum strength of coke, generally the coke is placed in a high-temperature drum with an inert atmosphere rotated at a certain speed for a certain number of revolutions, then the percentage of coke that is larger smaller than a certain sieve grade is determined to express this Thermal strength of coke. Method 2: Weigh a certain 200g coke sample, place it in a high-temperature reactor, put the high-temperature reactor in a coke reactivity tester, press the start button, the device will start to increase temperature by program, wait for the temperature to rise to 1100±5℃ After reacting with carbon dioxide for 2 hours, the coke reactivity (CRI%) is expressed as the percentage of coke mass loss. After the high-temperature reaction coke is subjected to the Type I drum test, the mass percentage of coke larger than 10mm in the reaction coke represents the strength after reaction (CSR%). Coal rock analysis

Coal rock analysis particle size

Coke reactivity refers to the ability of coke to chemically react with carbon dioxide, oxygen, steam. The strength of coke after reaction refers to the ability of reacted coke to resist chipping abrasion under the action of mechanical thermal stress. Coke chemically reacts with carbon dioxide, oxygen water vapor in the process of blast furnace ironmaking, cast iron fixed bed gasification. Since the reaction of coke with oxygen water vapor has a law similar to that of carbon dioxide, most countries use the reaction characteristics of coke carbon dioxide to assess coke reactivity (CSR%).

The Chinese standard GB/T4000-2008 specifies the test method for coke reactivity strength after reaction. The method is to make the coke react with carbon dioxide at a high temperature of 1100±5℃, then measure the weight loss rate mechanical strength of the coke after the reaction.



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