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What kind of coal rock equipment does a coking company need?


Coal rock analysis must have coal rock equipment with accurate automatic detection functions:

Due to the unusually serious phenomenon of coal entering the plant at present, the types of coal coming coking companies are diverse there are many coal supply points. Manual detection efficiency is extremely low, it takes 1-3 hours to measure a coal sample on average. Up to 2-6 samples can be tested in one day. the operator must have rich experience, otherwise the error will be greater. Too much fatigue will also affect the accuracy of the results. Therefore, if you want to perform single-mix identification of all coal entering the plant, you can only rely on truly accurate fully automatic equipment.

It must have both automatic semi-automatic (manual) detection methods:

Since there is no national standard for coal rock automation equipment, if the result of automatic detection has a dispute with the coal supplier, the detection result of the national standard shall be subject to manual inspection, manual labor is required in other cases standardization arbitration are required. Test results. The semi-automatic detection method provided by the MSP 9000C system is a manual detection method that fully complies with the national standard. It can be controlled by a computer to automatically move the samples at equal intervals, then manually determine measure. This can greatly improve efficiency save more than other similar instruments that use pure manual methods. More than half the time. The MSP 9000C system also has functions such as "soft centering", "lock positioning", "manual automatic integration" that are available in similar products. It is more convenient to use can more effectively guarantee the results.

It has all the microscopic analysis functions of coal coke at the same time:

Digital coal analysis

Since the coal blending ratio for coking production needs to be adjusted frequently, once coal rock equipment is available, it can help us to comprehensively evaluate the quality of coal coke a microscopic perspective, find out the reasons that affect the quality of coke to adjust. Therefore, a good coal rock equipment should be able to meet these objective production research needs of coking enterprises at the same time. MSP 9000C coal rock equipment fully considers these needs. At present, the detection items that can be analyzed are: automatic analysis of coal vitrinite random reflectance, automatic rapid analysis of block coke pore structure parameters, semi-automatic detection of coal random reflectance, semi-automatic detection of coal reflectance, semi-automatic detection of coal rock microscopic components Composition, semi-automatic detection of coke optical tissue, semi-automatic detection of custom components, etc. It can fully meet the production scientific research needs of coking enterprises at the same time.

It must be equipped with the integrated speed-up sample preparation technology of wet coal into the factory:

Since the observation of coal rock requires preparation of light sheets, the traditional drying, crushing, forming, pre-grinding, polishing process takes a long time, generally 4-8 hours, even up to 2 days. It simply cannot meet the needs of rapid detection of coal entering the plant. Under the premise of ensuring the accuracy of the measured values, we have completely innovated the sample preparation technology. It only takes 2-5 minutes to form a sample on average. Then we use our fully automatic analysis equipment to obtain a data result of the incoming coal in a short time. It truly meets the need for rapid inspection of large quantities of coal entering the plant.



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