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Coal Rock Analysis System


We know that the quality of coal rock analysis directly determines the output quality of an enterprise. For the coal rock analysis system imported abroad, only the cost is expensive, but the cost performance is also inappropriate. For the development of my country's coal rock analysis system, while introducing foreign automation technology, we take the essence remove the dross, perfectly create a coal rock analysis system suitable for localized production!

Coal rock analysis equipment

A complete coal rock analysis system should have the following characteristics:

1. Comply with international standards national standards, comply with GB6948-2008/MT1053-2008 standards.

2. The system has advanced photoelectric conversion technology, no high-voltage power, no preheating, high resolution, high sensitivity, strong reliability, safe use. At the same time, it has a correspondingly broad spectrum. Low dark current, large dynamic range, anti-static, anti-vibration design, good heat dissipation.

3. Equipped with a high-precision image processing system for quantitative qualitative analysis of the detection results.

4. High resolution, high precision, stability.

5. It can measure the minimum random reflectance, can detect microscopic components such as coal coke.

6. Free software upgrade maintenance for life.

If you have such a coal rock analysis system, do you think coal rock analysis is no longer difficult? Because it is easy to use, it can be trusted recognized by users all over the world. With a set of such high-quality coal rock analysis system, companies can set sail!



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