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Coke reactivity

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Automatic measurement control technology


Coal rock analysis system ●Advanced coal rock automatic measurement control technology Coke thermal strength:

Using SMARTLIGHT multi-feature intelligent recognition technology, it can accurately identify vitrinite in coal (accuracy rate is close to 100%, unique patented technology!), then measure its effective reflectivity value with high precision. At the same time, with sub-regional, intermittent, dot-matrix scanning technology, it completely solves the inability to accurately distinguish vitrinites in the automatic measurement of coal rock reflectance in the past, the scanning process is difficult to focus various stray light interference. problem.

It can truly realize the automatic, rapid accurate identification of the single-mixed coal vitrinite content; at the same time provide the mixed coal the approximate proportion. It is currently a product that can truly replace manual testing evaluate coal quality in an all-round way, meeting the needs of large quantities of coal entering the factory production-coordinated coal testing;

can the heat strength of coke be measured

●The reflectance of vitrinite group has two detection methods: manual automatic:

Among them, the manual (semi-automatic) detection method fully complies with the national standard. In this method, the measurement diaphragm can be "soft centered", which is more convenient for inspection adjustment; equipped with a manual automatic integrated scanning platform, the sample can be automatically moved under computer control, which is 3-5 times more efficient than similar pure manual products, the instrument is calibrated at the same time It is more convenient; therefore, even when the manual measurement method is also used, it is fully better than similar products;

●All microscopic analysis items for coal coke inspection:

Covers almost all microscopic analysis items of coal coke, including: coal vitrinite random reflectivity, coal reflectivity, coal rock microscopic composition quantification, coke optical structure quantification block coke pore structure parameters, etc.; among them, automatic quick inspection mirror Unique patented technology for random reflectance content of mass group automatic measurement of coke porosity;




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