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Coke reactivity

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What is the range of the reactivity strength of coke after reaction? What is the impact on the blast furnace?


Coke Reactive CRI Loaded Coke Oven

It refers to the percentage of coke weight loss after reacting with carbon dioxide at 1100±5°C for 2h at a lumpiness of 20±1mm, expressed by the symbol Cr%.

Strength CSR after reaction

After the reaction, the coke was tested by the type 1 drum. The weight percentage of coke larger than 10mm in the coke after reaction, with the symbol Sar%

6.1 Coke reactivity

The index of coke reactivity is expressed as the percentage of the coke weight lost to the total coke sample before the reaction. Coke reactive Cr%

Calculate according to (1) formula:

Cr(%)=(G-G1)/G ×100…………………………(1)

: G----weight of coke sample, g

Loaded coke oven

G1----Remaining coke weight after reaction, g

6.2 Strength after reaction

After the reaction, the strength index is greater than 10mm after the drum

The fraction is expressed as a percentage by weight of the remaining coke. The intensity Sar% after reaction is calculated according to formula (2):


: G2-----The weight of the coke after the drum is larger than 10mm.

7.1 The test results of coke reactivity  strength after reaction are taken as the arithmetic mean of parallel test results.



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