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Installation steps of eyepiece objective lens of metallographic microscope


For certain optical components in a metallurgical microscope, some mechanical components, such as eyepieces, objective lenses, photographic devices, etc., must be kept separately for storage, need to be installed disassembled when using the microscope, so the metallurgical microscope eyepiece What are the installation steps of the objective lens? The following editor will introduce to you.

Installation steps of metallurgical microscope eyepiece objective lens:

1. Installation of metallographic microscope eyepieces Coke reactivity

The installation of the eyepiece is relatively simple: first remove the plastic dust cap on the eyepiece, then insert the selected eyepiece the upper end of the eyepiece tube. If you want to change the eyepieces with different magnifications, you only need to pull out the previously installed eyepieces the lens barrel, then push the eyepieces to be used into the eyepiece barrel, but pay attention to whether the eyepieces are completely connected to the supporting surface of the eyepiece barrel. coincide.

   2, the installation of the objective lens of the metallurgical microscope

The objective lens of the metallurgical microscope is installed on the objective lens converter. When installing the objective lens, turn the coarse hand wheel by hand to raise the stage while keeping a sufficient distance between the stage the objective lens converter, then press the three objective lenses with different magnifications into low medium magnifications , High magnification sequence is screwed into the objective lens screw hole of the converter, must be installed out of order.

Coke reactivity

Before the thread is tightened, do remove it to prevent the objective lens falling damage, but it should be tightened too tightly, the tightness should be moderate. After installation, turn the converter to turn the objective lens to the working position. At this time, you should hear a slight "click" sound of the spring tip on the converter the wedge groove.

It is worth noting that when rotating the converter with the objective lens, you should grasp the edge of the converter with your fingers to rotate, do push the converter by pulling the objective lens with your hand, because this operation will easily cause the optical axis to skew damage the thread of the objective lens. Affect the coaxiality of the mechanical system the optical system.

The above content is an introduction to the installation steps of the eyepiece objective lens of the metallographic microscope. The metallographic microscope is mainly used to identify analyze the internal structure organization of metals. It is an important instrument for metallographic research the key to product quality identification in the industrial sector. The equipment is mainly used to identify analyze the organizational structure of various metals alloys. It is used in factories laboratories for casting quality identification, raw material inspection metallographic structure research analysis after material processing.



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