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Steps methods of microscope calibration


1. Adjust the direction of the microscope the light source so that the light source is aligned with the flat light collecting mirror of the microscope, but at least 10 inches away. Coal rock analysis

2. Adjust the light so that the filament can be clearly focused on the flat condenser.

3. Adjust the mirror so that the light is transmitted the center of the condenser to the condenser under the stage.

4. Place a glass slide on the stage, move the condenser down aim at the slide specimen, focus low magnification to high magnification in sequence.

5. Focus clearly on the slide specimen. It may be necessary to raise the condenser slightly to get sufficient illumination.

6. Close the iris on the light source to the minimum. Carefully turn the condenser lens group under the stage up ( down) until the reduced aperture is focused on the same plane as the glass slide. Do focus the microscope itself at this stage (ie do move the knob above the stage).

7. If your microscope has the function of focusing the condenser, you can adjust the condenser to the center of the field of view by moving the image of the narrow aperture (most of the research microscopes you can use must do this to move the aperture to the field of view Central location).

8. Open the aperture ring until the light polygonal aperture ring can just fill the field of view.

9. If possible, remove an eyepiece. Close the iris aperture of the condenser under the stage look into the tube to observe the object lens. The light should appear symmetrical at this time. In research microscopes, we can adjust for any mismatch at this stage.

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10. Open close the iris diaphragm on the condenser under the stage, so that only 2/3 of the field of view of the objective lens will be illuminated. Put back the eyepiece. At this time, the system calibration is completed, the microscope can be used for microscopic inspection of glass slides.

11. When using low-magnification, medium-magnification oil lenses, some compromises must be made. In the microscope you use, this compromise is to adjust the height of the condenser. You must adjust the light intensity by moving the condenser lens below the correct height. Think about it, what will you sacrifice when you make this compromise?

Do move the condenser, adjust the iris aperture on the condenser under the stage, strengthen weaken the light to control the light intensity. The ideal control method is to use a neutral filter (that is, a gray filter).



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