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Analysis on the pros cons of purchasing coal rock equipment


Use coal rock analysis methods to strictly supervise control raw coal. Recover the losses caused by "adulterated coal".

The losses caused by "adulterated coal" are manifested in two aspects:

One is that the coking plant actually buys low-priced "bad coal" at the high price of "good coal". According to incomplete statistics, this is only one item every year, the losses of domestic enterprises are staggering, ranging millions to hundreds of millions;

Second, after the "adulterated coal" entered the factory, the coal blending was mistakenly used as a typical "good coal", resulting in large fluctuations in the quality of coke, the unstable coke quality caused a large loss in subsequent sales prices; therefore, strict control Raw coal is the key to greatly reducing the cost of coke.


The specific method is as follows:

First, the rapid coal rock analysis method is used to accurately identify the degree of coal "blending" make a scientific evaluation of coal quality.

In the settlement of coal entering the plant, a moderate fine method is adopted for the detected "blended coal" to restrain coal suppliers recover part of the economic loss. At the same time, in view of the "extra-poor quality" blended coal, such as: blending with lignite, blending with anthracite, blending with coke powder, etc., prevent entering the plant;

For general coal blending into the plant, the "coal type" "proportion" can be accurately "diagnosed" according to the analysis results of coal rock, the subsequent coal type blending can be appropriately adjusted accordingly;

Combined analysis of conventional indicators coal rock indicators to scientifically guide coal procurement.

Using the method of comprehensive analysis of coal rock indicators conventional indicators, starting the actual coal blending needs, purchase the coal types that are really needed. Scientific evaluation of coal quality;

blindly "superstitious" coal classification, the perspective of coal rock, according to the actual coal blending situation, boldly use some "non-coking coal" to greatly reduce the cost of coal blending;

Make full use of coal rock analysis methods, supervise coal entering the furnace, guide coal blending, stably improve coke quality.

Using the coal rock reflectance distribution map, supervise the daily coal entering the furnace, "easily" find the cause of abnormal production fluctuations, effectively stabilize the quality of coke.

The following two aspects can be used to guide the blending of coal types to stabilize improve the quality of coke.

Pre-simulate synthesize the coal blending reflectance distribution map.

Accurately find the "missing" "excess" coal types the actual measured coal map.

  Through the exchanges between multiple enterprises, it is found that the economic benefits brought by the above points will be huge.

  In addition, we have learned many parties that all brands of coal rock analysis equipment on the market can meet the above applications. There are many batches large quantities of coal for coking production. If you want to keep up with production, the purchased coal rock equipment should have the following four properties:

Principles of Coal Rock Analysis

In addition to the basic manual detection function, it must have an accurate automatic vitrinite reflectance detection function;

The equipment must be able to work stably for a long time. Do purchase equipment that uses high-voltage photomultiplier tube converters as much as possible;

The equipment must comply with the national standard for the particle size requirements of the tested samples. Many coal rock equipment use non-standard methods such as screening 0.2mm fines, the measured data seriously misleads production.

The coal coke microanalysis functions should be comprehensive. Including: coal vitrinite reflectance detection, coal microscopic component quantitative detection, coke optical tissue detection, automatic detection of lump coke porosity,



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