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The importance of mixed coal identification


Loaded coke ovens use single coal blending for coking. If a single coal is mixed, it will have a bad impact on production. First of all, the coal quality data measured by conventional methods such as coal industrial analysis caking index analysis cannot accurately comprehensively express its properties, sometimes even cause coal classification errors digital coal analysis, because these analysis methods themselves cannot Reflect the mixed coal situation. For example, the coal entering the factory belongs to coking coal in terms of volatile content. However, the test of a 40KG small coke oven shows that its coking property is very poor, which is far normal coking coal. See Table 1. It is difficult to get a reasonable explanation the conventional analysis indicators, but according to its vitrinite reflectance histogram, it can be clearly seen that the coal is actually a blend of coking coal coke lean coal. There is no obvious abnormality in the conventional analysis indicators of this blended coal. , But its coking property is obviously worse than normal coking coal.

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To sum up, if the coal entering the plant is confirmed by the coal rock analysis method but only classified used according to conventional indicators, it may cause deviations in the coal blending operation plan, even cause serious errors in the coal blending plan, seriously affect the quality of coke. At the same time, there are price differences between different types of coal coming into the factory, even between the same coal type different coal quality grades. Therefore, the mixed washing of single coal the shoddy coal of different coal grades will cause great economic losses to our coking plant. Therefore, it is very necessary very important for our coking plant to identify whether the coal entering the plant is mixed.



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