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The advantages of coal petrology method to identify mixed coal


In the traditional coal blending theory, the identification classification of coal types are generally based on the coal’s work index, which is mainly the volatile content of coal, caking index other values. In industrial analysis, the determination of volatile content actually only obtains The weighted average of the volatile matter of all coal particles in the coal sample. Coal rock analysis therefore has great limitations in using coal work index to determine whether coal is mixed. In coal petrology, the average value of the vitrinite reflectance of coal is mainly used to determine the degree of coal metamorphism, as shown in Table 2. The vitrinite reflectance histogram can intuitively reflect the mixing of coals with different metamorphic degrees. The use of coal petrology to evaluate coal quality cannot be replaced by chemical methods, but it can be mutually confirmed with coal test results, even solve some problems that are difficult to explain by test results. The coal rock is used to quantitatively determine the distribution state of the micro-components in the coal, the reflectance measurement method is used to determine the average large reflectance of the vitrinite group the reflectance distribution circle to determine the degree of coal metamorphism. The coal quality can be determined in the coking enterprise. Evaluation. If combined with some conventional analysis items, sufficient evaluation of coal quality can be made.

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