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TT-ZQ automatic coke sample making machine

TT-ZQ automatic coke sample making machine
Detailed introduction:


The TT-ZQ automatic coke sample preparation machine independently developed by our company, while retaining the technical advantages of the original equipment, but also adopts a more novel design process in the structure, material control system to make it automatic ball rate , The qualification rate is higher than the previous generation products.

Coke ball making is a tedious task. In order to reduce labor intensity, optimize ball-making procedures, improve ball-making quality efficiency, our company designs produces according to GB/T4000-2017 "Coke Reactivity Post-Reaction Strength Test Method" meets the relevant requirements of the sampling method specified in GB/T1997 A new automatic coke ball making system was released. The system uses mechanized ball making, which can eliminate the influence of human factors on ball making increase the representativeness of sample preparation. This ball making system has a high ball making rate reduces labor intensity. The equipment is equipped with a dust purification system, which can effectively reduce dust, improve the working environment, greatly reduce environmental pollution, meet the requirements of enterprise safety production, sanitation environmental protection. The uniform shape of the sample can better meet the repeatability reproducibility of the experimental requirements, truly reflect the thermal performance of the coke, meet the thermal performance of the coke skeleton in ironmaking.

1. Characteristic description of coke sample making machine:

1. Integrated equipment

The equipment integrates crushing, grinding, chamfering, screening to reduce the volume of the equipment reduce the operating procedures.

2. Fully enclosed design

Stainless steel liner structure, negative pressure vacuum system, reduce dust improve working environment.

3. One-button operation

One-button start after feeding, alarm after completion. No need for manual operation, reducing the intensity of manual labor.

4. The hammer head is replaced separately

It adopts carbon steel high manganese steel hammer head, which can be disassembled replaced easily.

5. The opening closing structure of the equipment cavity facilitates the cleaning of residual materials is convenient for maintenance.

6. Design of quick replacement of sieve.

7. The ball making effect is good, the finished product rate is less than 7%.

2. Main technical parameters of coke sample preparation machine:


TT-ZQ automatic coke sample preparation machine Technical parameters:

Voltage (V)


Dimensions (mm)


Motor power (KW)


Rated current (A)


Dust removal port size (mm)


Inlet size (mm)



TT-JH Soot Purifier Technical Parameters:



Pressure rod size


Motor Power


Air volume

3800 m³h



1. Equipment model name:

 TT-ZQ automatic coke sample preparation machine; TT-JH smoke dust purifier;

2. Total power of equipment: 6KW;

3. Total weight of equipment: no more than 1T;

4. Feeding size: ≤100mm;

5. Single feeding amount: 5KG;

6. Sample preparation time (crushing + chamfering + screening): about 20 minutes (adjustable);

7. Yield rate: less than 7%;

8. Noise: ≤85dB(A);

9. Ambient temperature: 0-40℃; Ambient humidity: 15-85%RH;



3. Operation guide for coke sample making machine:


1. Take coke with a diameter of less than 100mm, discard, furnace coke cracked coke, weigh 5kg sample.

2. Open the inlet door of the coke sample maker, pour the weighed coke sample the inlet of the equipment.

3. Click the device start button to adjust the appropriate ball making speed (low, medium, high speed gears are available, you can modify it according to the actual situation), wait for the end of sample preparation.

4. When you can't hear the sound of hammering coke, it means that the sample preparation is over, click the equipment stop button.

5. Open pull out the discharge bin door, take out the prepared coke sample.

6. Take out the sample tray waste tray clean them up.


The repeated practice of many steel company coke quality inspection stations coke quality inspection center (laboratory) technology center has proved that the system greatly improves the utilization rate of coke, reduces labor intensity pollution, saves sample preparation time, improves economic benefits


Note: Please read follow the user manual of this product in detail.

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