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TT-D1 three-stage top loading single furnace reactivity

TT-D1 three-stage top loading single furnace reactivity
Detailed introduction:


Technical parameter description

The TT-D1 new coke reactivity post-reaction strength test system independently developed by our company is designed based on GB/T4000-2017 <<Coke reactivity post-reaction strength test method>>, while retaining the original equipment technology In addition to the advantages, a more novel design process is adopted in the structure, material control system, which makes it more automatic more stable test data. Coal rock analysis

1. Product function

The thermal reactivity strength of coke are important indicators of coke's high-temperature metallurgical performance. The coke with good reactivity can indirectly reduce the middle upper part of the blast furnace release a certain amount of heat, which is beneficial to reduce the coke ratio. The poorly reactive coke makes the middle lower parts of the blast furnace directly reduce too much absorbs a lot of heat, which leads to an increase in the coke ratio an increase in the cost of blast furnace smelting.

The strength index after the coke reaction directly reflects whether the coke can still support the framework under the huge pressure of the lower column of the blast furnace. Therefore, the thermal reactivity post-reaction strength test of coke is an important means to test the quality of coke, which can provide important production operation basis for the blast furnace smelting process.

2. Process structure

1. Reactor shell

The shell of the reaction furnace adopts 304 stainless steel shell structure with beautiful appearance.

2. The reactor is automatically raised lowered

An automatic lifting system is provided on the outside of the reactor shell, the reactor can be lifted lowered by operating the automatic control switch. It is used to install discharge the reactor.

3. Zirconium-containing ceramic fiber furnace lining (internal heating)

A new type of heat-resistant furnace body insulation material, the highest temperature can reach 1400 ℃.

When the test furnace is running, more than 90% of the heat released by the heating body is radiated into the furnace through the furnace tube, with only a small amount of heat loss. After testing, the energy consumption is reduced by more than 30% after adopting a new type of zirconium-containing ceramic fiber insulation lining. The heat preservation effect is greatly improved.

4. Furnace lining heat exchange cavity

Between the inner wall of the furnace lining the outer wall of the furnace wire tube, a 20mm air medium heat exchange cavity is designed. The lining heat exchange cavity is a very important design process, which has a direct impact on the constant temperature zone. Its function is to resist the metal heat dissipation effect of the reactor.

For example, after the reactor is put into the furnace, its metal shell flange components dissipate the temperature of the upper part of the furnace to the air outside the furnace. At this time, the high temperature air flow at the bottom of the heat exchange cavity will automatically continuously supplement heat energy to the low temperature at the top to resist the heat dissipation effect of the reactor, thereby maintaining the uniformity stability of the temperature in the constant temperature zone inside the furnace.

3. Technical characteristics of TT-D1 coke reactivity

1. PLC controller

The PLC control system adopts the German Siemens S7-200SMART control system, which has high reliability, strong anti-interference ability stable operation. (Most other brands are domestically produced)

2. Gas flow monitoring

The high-precision float flowmeter is used to visually monitor the N2 gas CO2 gas flow during the test process. It is characterized by stability, intuitiveness no drift. (Other brand products often have unstable flow control, resulting in deviation of test data)

3. Gas pressure stabilization system

A precise gas regulator is connected to the inlet of the gas control system to stabilize the gas source, which solves the difficult problem of the gas flow change caused by the unstable gas source pressure. After one installation debugging, it can work stably for a long time without repeated adjustments.

4. Single corundum tube three-core thermocouple furnace temperature monitoring

The temperature of the test furnace is measured by a single three-pair electrocardiogram, the temperature of the heating body the center of the sample is monitored in real time. (To a large extent, save the cost of spare parts, other brands need 3 thermocouples)

5. The service life of spare parts is greatly increased

Split internally embedded furnace: Three sections are independently controlled replaced independently. The overall service life can reach more than 2 years, thereby greatly reducing the cost of spare parts.

High temperature resistant alloy reactor: The material is made of high temperature resistant alloy steel above 1.8 (GH3044). The service life reaches more than 80 times.

3. Main technical parameters

1. Gas flow control

1) CO2 N2 are automatically switched, the gas control is fully automatic. Automatic flow gas switching, automatic carbon dioxide heating;

2) Gas flow calibration: default standard calibration;

3) Maximum flow: 6L/min【CO2】; 3L/min【N2】;

4) Response time: gas characteristics: 1~2s; electrical characteristics: 1s;

5) Pressure resistance: 1MPa;

6) Air pipe: imported A10*8 high-strength plastic pipe.

2. Temperature control cabinet

1) Cooling method of controller: air cooling (built-in smart fan), quasi-silent method

2) Noise: when air cooling is working: about 40-45dB when air cooling is stopped: 0dB

3) The temperature control range is 0℃-1200℃, the accuracy is 0.5.

4) Fully automatic temperature control, intelligent fuzzy control algorithm, no need to adjust set PID parameters;

5) Operating voltage: AC380V ±10%;

6) Total power rate: ≤6KW;

7) The highest control temperature: 1200℃;

8) Furnace temperature control accuracy: ±1℃;

9) Control method: computer control;

10) Gas control mode: automatic switching;

11) External dimensions of the controller: length×width×height=300×500×600mm;

12) Weight of controller: ≤20Kg;

3. High temperature heating furnace

1) Furnace body material: 304 stainless steel;

2) Overall dimensions of furnace body: Φ600mm×850mm

3) Furnace lining material: ceramic fiber containing zirconium;

4) Lining size: Φ360mm×Φ160mm×760mm;

5) The maximum heating temperature of the heating body: 1200℃;

6) Thermocouple: Rhodium-platinum thermocouple, (S type);

7) Reactor material: GH44 high temperature resistant alloy steel;

8) Reactor specifications: meet the requirements of the clauses in GB/T4000-2017 "Test Method for Coke Reactivity Strength after Reaction";

9) Heating furnace power supply: AC380V ±10%;

10) Total power: ≤6KW;

11) Range of constant temperature zone: When the furnace keeps the temperature at 1100±5℃, the axial constant temperature zone of the furnace ≥200mm

12) Lifting device stroke: 700mm;

13) The carrying weight of the lifting device: less than 20kg;

14) The total weight of the furnace body: ≤180kg.

4. Sieve

Round hole screen: Φ10, 23mm, 25mm.

5. After reaction strength test device

1) Type I drum: speed 20r/min±1r/min,

2) Drum controller: total revolutions 600r, time 30min±1min.

3) Drum body: It is made of seamless steel pipe with outer diameter of 140mm thickness of 5mm-6mm. The net length of the drum is 700mm, the thickness of the drum cover is 5mm-6mm.

4) Real-time digital display

5) Speed 0-25 R/Min adjustable

6. Computer Control

1) Fully automatic.

2) Support user self-programming. Especially suitable for research experiments of this project;

3) Self-diagnosis function. For common failures of the system, it can judge by itself give an alarm corresponding error prompt symbols;

7. After-sales service

After receiving the repair request the purchaser, it should be able to respond quickly within 2 hours, arrive at the scene within 24 hours deal with the problem;

8. A batch of free accessories

One reactor, one set of combination tools, one set of flow meters, one set of wiring terminals compensation wires, etc.;

9. Warranty

Except for wearing parts, the whole machine is guaranteed for life.

10. Delivery time

According to the contract



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