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Experimental coke oven tail gas environmental protection purification device

Experimental coke oven tail gas environmental protection purification device
Detailed introduction:


1. High-efficiency combustion in the cavity with air distribution ratio. The flame has no leakage can safely effectively remove more than 95% of harmful emissions. Solve the problems of similar products with exposed flames unsafe; no air distribution system, low combustion efficiency, obvious exhaust gas blackness, environmental protection emissions that are up to standard;

2. Adopting water film gas explosion nozzles for intensive spraying, with large contact area, secondary purification of the flue gas after combustion. Achieve the effect of lowering the emission temperature no smoke dust.

3. The "high drop" between the combustion chamber the exhaust outlet is matched with a unique water seal valve design. Ensure that when the equipment is powered off, the "natural suction" can also be used to smoothly discharge the flue gas to the outdoors.

4. The overall combustion chamber has an enlarged design, the dense warped pieces are welded as a whole, which greatly reduces the operating temperature of the equipment.

5. Exhaust induced draft fan adopts high temperature fan with low noise large air volume, which improves the stability of equipment operation.

6. No need for excessive consumables maintenance.

2. Disadvantages of other similar purification equipment

1. Products that adopt the method of condensation purification (chemical product recovery device): the tube condenser is very easy to block, it is difficult to disassemble clean. The odor of exhaust gas is relatively large. (Activated carbon absorbent cotton need to be replaced frequently).

2. Products with water-cooled purification method: tar condenses in the water, the purification water needs to be replaced each time, the water is easy to handle, when the tar concentration is too high, the purification capacity will decrease.

3. Products with simple direct combustion purification method: no air distribution system, after the flue gas is burned, the exhaust gas blackness is obvious. The flame leaks out the temperature is too high. After the power failure, the equipment cannot continue to run, the flue gas will be poured into the room.



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