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Automatic gel layer index tester

Automatic gel layer index tester
Detailed introduction:

Product introduction of automatic colloid index tester:

The automatic colloidal index tester is a special instrument for measuring the bituminous coal colloidal layer index (the maximum thickness of the colloidal layer Y, the final shrinkage X the volume curve). This instrument completely adopts computer network control, microcomputer control board high-precision temperature controller with intelligent PID control to control the heating curve of the equipment. The measurement of the upper lower layers of the colloidal layer in coal rock analysis is fully automated by a manipulator, the measurement data is automatically added to the table automatically calculated, reducing human errors. The weight adopts a mechanical automatic loading device, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator; it has its own smoke removal facilities does need to be placed in a fume hood. This instrument fully complies with the technical requirements of the national standard GB/T479-2000, the software operating environment is Windows 10

Performance characteristics of automatic colloidal layer index tester:

1. Temperature control, the measurement of the upper lower layers of the colloid, the recording of the coal seam change curve are all automatically completed by the computer, the microcomputer control panel the manipulator, the data is automatically added to the table, the Y value is drawn calculated by the computer; finally through manual correction The result report is formed without manual intervention in the whole process.

2. The uniquely designed side smoke exhaust system improves the operating environment reduces the investment in fume hoods other aspects

3. Mechanical loading unloading of weights reduces the labor intensity of the operator

4. The coal cups are arranged horizontally the lever is placed vertically, which is convenient for loading coal, which completely solves the problem of graphic distortion caused by the jam cup inaccurate measurement data.

5. Can query historical temperature curve volume curve machine data records

6. Dynamically display the temperature setting of the high temperature heating furnace, the heating rate of the high temperature heating furnace, the communication status between the control board the host computer, the operating status of the system.

7. With ultra-low temperature fault protection function, ultra-high temperature fault protection function, thermocouple fault protection function

Technical parameters of automatic colloidal index tester:

Control time: 0-190MIN

Control range: 0-730℃, resolution 1℃

Control program: 0-250℃/min, heating rate 8℃/min

                250-730℃/160min, heating rate 3℃/min

Temperature control accuracy: between 250-730℃, temperature difference <±1℃

Displacement measurement range: 0-100mm, accuracy is 0.5%

Power supply: 220V±10% 50Hz

Maximum load power: 3KW×2 channels

Environmental requirements: temperature 10-40℃, temperature more than 80%, non-corrosive machine without strong magnetic field



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