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Coke reactivity

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TT-ZQ automatic coke sample making machine

TT-ZQ automatic coke sample making machine
Detailed introduction:

The function of automatic coke prototype machine spherical coke-1.jpg

1. Product introduction of coke prototype machine:

The TT-ZQ automatic coke sample preparation machine independently developed by our company integrates crushing, grinding, chamfering, screening. It occupies less space, is simple to operate, easy to maintain, has a higher degree of automation more stable test data. Coke thermal strength

Coal rock analysis

2. Description of characteristics of coke sample making machine:

1. Integrated equipment

The equipment integrates crushing, grinding, chamfering, screening to reduce the volume of the equipment reduce the operating procedures.

2. Fully enclosed design

Reduce dust improve working environment.

3. Automatic pulling function

Automatically pull the material to the broken, without manual discharging.

4. One-button operation

One-button start after feeding, alarm after completion. No need for manual operation, reducing the intensity of manual labor.

3. Main technical parameters of coke sample making machine:

1. Equipment model name: XS-ZQ automatic coke sample making machine;

2. Electricity: 380V, three-phase four-wire system, 50Hz;

3. Total power: 5KW;

4. Dimensions: 1600×1300×2000mm;

5. Total equipment weight: 1.2T;

6. Grinding wheel: green silicon carbide 350×50×75mm 24#

7. Feed size: ≤80mm;

8. Single feeding amount: about 10 kg;

9. Breaking time: 20 minutes (adjustable);

10. Chamfering time: 50 minutes (adjustable);

11. Screening time: 20 seconds;

12. Yield rate: less than 7%; (prototype)

13. Noise: ≤85dB(A);

14. Ambient temperature: 0-40℃;

15. Environmental humidity: 15-85%RH;

16. A sheltered well-ventilated environment;




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