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TT-NJY-01 Adhesion Index Stirring Measuring Integrated Instrument

TT-NJY-01 Adhesion Index Stirring  Measuring Integrated Instrument
Detailed introduction:


product description

The TT-NJY-01 type binding index stirring measuring integrated instrument is suitable for the determination of the Roga index the binding index of the coking coal used in the laboratories of coal, metallurgy, coking scientific research institutions. It complies with the national standard GB/T5447-1997 "Method for Measuring Bituminous Coal Cohesion Index". Coal rock analysis

Performance characteristics

1. The HNNJ-500 bonding index mixing measuring integrated instrument adopts brand-new technology, combining the drum mixing instrument for bonding index, making it a new generation of bonding index measuring mixing integrated instrument.

2. It can dynamically display real-time speed, time, number of revolutions stirring speed at the same time.

3. The instrument has stable reliable performance, complete functions simple operation.

4. Compared with similar products, the labor intensity is reduced the accuracy of the experiment is improved.

technical parameter

Rotation of drum: 50±2r/min

Range of revolutions: 250 revolutions

Number of samples: 2

Crucible tilt angle: 45°

Stirring rod speed: 150r/min

Crucible speed: 15r/min

Stirring time at 45°: 1 minute 45 seconds

45° to vertical time: 15 seconds

Display mode: digital display

Power: 40W

Power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz

Dimensions (length × width × height): 430mm×380mm×300mm




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