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Coke reactivity

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TT-MK Coke Detection Mikum Drum Machine

TT-MK Coke Detection Mikum Drum Machine
Detailed introduction:


Coke detection drum machine product introduction

The TT-MK coke detection drum machine (Micombe drum) is manufactured in accordance with the technical requirements of the national GB/T2006-2008 "Method for Measuring the Mechanical Strength of Coke". It is used to measure the mechanical strength resistance of metallurgical coke with a particle size greater than 25mm. The main equipment for grinding strength. Coke thermal strength

The scope of application of coke detection drum machine

It is suitable for use in laboratories of coal coke, metallurgy, geology, chemical industry scientific research institutions of universities colleges.

Related standards

National standard GB/T2006-2008 "Method for determination of mechanical strength of coke"

Product features of coke detection drum machine

The equipment has a compact structure, simple safe operation, simple operation precise counting. Automatic shutdown.

Technical parameters of coke detecting drum machine

1) Bulk density: 500kg/m³

2) Granularity: >25mm

3) The inner diameter of the drum: Φ1000±5mm

4) The inner length of the drum: 1000±5mm (customizable) (1/2 1/3 drums of the same kind can be produced)

5) Thickness of drum wall: 8mm

6) Rotating speed of drum: constant speed 25r/min

7) The amount of coke loaded: 50kg

8) Running time: 4min±10s (100 revolutions in total)

9) Motor power: 1.5kw

10) Power supply: 380V 50Hz

11) Equipment weight: ~1050kg



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